Green Power Rebuilder

What is it?

Lira Clinical’s Green Power Rebuilder Treatment is truly like nothing else in the saturated skincare market. This is a natural alternative to microneedling and is used to improve pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, elasticity, and fine lines via its overall capabilities to significantly improve ingredient penetration. Whether the products following the treatment are calming or aggressive, results happen! The Green Power formula feels like needles but is in fact just a special herbal blend of ingredients including: Spongia Officinalis (he bath sponge is found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea) for exfoliation; Green Tea for antioxidant properties; Pansy as a natural salicylic acid compound; Horse Chestnut for tightening; and Mastiha to brighten and reduce inflammation. The fibers from the Mederteranean sea sponge work their way into the skin creating little channels, like microneedling, to help products penetrate deeper. The fibers are meant to stay in the skin creating a prickly sensation up to 48 hours. As the skin works these fibers out the skin cells turn over faster and produce more elastin and collagen. This treatment is safe for all skin types and pregnant clients looking for more aggressive results!

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