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Specials & Seasonal Facials

Our skin changes like the seasons do!
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Holistic Facials

At SUGARED, we use only the highest quality of organic, plant-based skin care products in our facials, providing visibly progressive results, naturally.

Choose the facial and the amount of time, and our estheticians will curate the perfect facial for you and your skin’s needs. Modalities may include ultrasonic skin scrubbing, extractions, Éminence Organic advanced treatments, Lira Clinical or Sorella Apothecary peels, cold therapy, LED light therapy, and gua sha or Hungarian facial massage.

Holistic Facials

The Holistic Facial is a customized combination of modalities and professional grade products designed to enhance your skin’s health and hydration, and leave you with a radiant glow.

90 minutes / $185

75 minutes / $155

60 minutes / $125

30 minutes / $105


This progressive treatment cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, extracts, and provides antioxidant protection that your skin needs. The hydrofacial provides visible results of an even-toned, clear complexion with no downtime.

90 minutes / $265

75 minutes / $235

60 minutes / $195

30 minutes / $165

LED Acne/Anti-aging Facials

This 45-minute treatment uses LED Blue Light Therapy combined with acne fighting ingredients, extractions, and high frequency, to combat blemishes; or, uses rejuvenating products with collagen stimulating LED Red Light Therapy for an anti-aging treatment. Book 3 sessions 2-4 weeks apart for best results.

45 minutes / $125

3-part series* / $315

*Appointments must be booked NO LATER than four weeks apart. Packages are non-transferable and expire 8 weeks after completing the initial service.

Dermaplaning Express Treatment

Remove the outermost layers of dead skin and peach fuzz, leaving the skin instantly smoother. This Express skin treatment provides a DermaplanePro™ service with nourishe oil and natural enzyme mask to remove dead skin cells that were loosened during dermaplaning. Book a series of three 3-4 weeks apart for best results!

This is a common add-on to a facial, peel, or Hydrofacial.

30 minutes / $95

3-part series* / $255

Add on / $50

*Appointments must be booked NO LATER than four weeks apart. Packages are non-transferable and expire 8 weeks after completing the initial service.


Our chemical peel helps to improve fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, breakout-prone skin, and rough texture. Our 3-part series delivers the best results, and your esthetician will select the appropriate strength and ingredients for your skin’s condition. Each service will include a SUGARED after-peel care kit to ensure best results.

30 minutes / $135

3-part series* / $400

Dermaplane add-on / $50

Green Power add-on / $30

*Appointments must be booked NO LATER than four weeks apart. Packages are non-transferable and expire 8 weeks after completing the initial service.
Most chemical peels are painless, with little to no downtime. You can return to normal activities immediately following a mild chemical peel. Stronger treatments may involve a more extensive peeling process, so you may wish to avoid public events for a few days. The length of recovery time depends on the individual, and on the type and strength of the peel. Four to five days is average for moderate peels, while aggressive peels may take five to seven days. Like all treatments, chemical peels are customized to meet your individual needs. We offer modified versions of aggressive peels to achieve the same results more gradually, without the downtime.

Service Enhancements

Hydrojelly™ Mask (immediately after sugaring)

/ $30

De-Puffer Eye Gel Mask

/ $10

Celluma LED Light Therapy Treatment (15 minutes)

/ $30

Sorella Marine Mermaid Mask

/ $30

Éminence Bright Eye Treatment

/ $20

Éminence Lip Rehab Treatment

/ $20

Green Power Add On (peels only)

/ $30

Skin Consultation

15 minutes / $50
Not sure where to start your skincare journey? SUGARED offers professional skincare consultations to create a plan to meet your skin’s goals through our services and retail products. The consultation cost of $50 will be credited to your skincare service after the service is complete.

I’d give them a 5+ for great customer service and giving me the best brows! Face need some luv? You’re in the right place. I get facials at least 3-4 times a year and would get more if I could. Thanks for being so awesome!

Gail R.