Smooth, Toned and Tightened

Everyone wants to look smooth, toned, and tightened. The actual dress size or number on the scale may not matter as much when your skin looks even. Here are a few ideas that can make you want to show some skin!


We will work from the outside in. Obviously get SUGARED, body sugaring is a natrual form of hair removal that uses sugar instead of wax, it will get rid of unwanted hair and exfoliate your skin to have you looking smoother immediately. Now, with that hair gone, let’s go one layer deeper.


Cellulite is the dimpled-looking skin that commonly occurs in the thighs, hips, and abdomen. It forms when fatty tissue deep in the skin pushes up against connective tissue. This creates the dimpled appearance that cellulite is infamous for. Cellulite is associated with looking fat and wanting to stay covered up. Well we got you covered when you want to show some skin.

Meet the contouring cream that works as hard as you do. Eminence Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream is a dynamic blend of coffee and clinically-proven microalgae extract that reduces the thickness of fatty tissue for firmer, more toned skin.

The active ingredients in this naturally potent cream reduce and prevent cellulite by burning existing fat and limiting fat storage wherever you apply it. Use all over for smoother skin, or as a targeted treatment to strengthen and tone where you need it most.

Users reported a reduction in the appearance of cellulite by 26% in the thighs, 50% in the hips, and 29% in the abdomen in less than 60 days when used twice daily. Use the Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream as an all-over moisturizer or as a targeted treatment to target fat cells and tighten skin wherever you need it most.

Ultra Cavitation

Now we will go a little deeper with Ultra Cavitation. Through the use of a completely safe low frequency sound waves, fat cells are disrupted and broken down.

Infrared and led red light then allow the broken down fat cells to leave the body through the natural metabolic system while also producing more collagen and elastin in the deeper dermal layers of the skin. With the assistance of hydration, sweat, and lymphatic drainage this new style of fat elimination is very effective. This treatment is best for anyone wanting to lose a few inches around their waistline, buttocks or thighs. Also helps to reduce cellulite, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Diet & Exercise

Of course the deepest level is diet and exercise. This is were OMNI really compliments your Ultra Cavitation treatments, with their infrared heated yoga studio you’re using similar technologies to further ‘melt’ the broken down and disrupted fats cells. Infrared light and heat is about heating the object from within therefore creating a major sweat during a work out in this particular type of heat is more effective than any other deep body detoxifying options out there! Besides assisting in these treatments the infrared benefits keep going; increased circulation, reduces muscle soreness and recovery, joint pain and there is even research supporting infrared treatments to help with depression and anxiety!

OMNI has a truly creative way motivating with their guests and helping them reach their mind and body goals, the space was created with the main goal to make a healthy lifestyle attainable, efficient and fun!

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