SUGARING 101: The Organic Hair Removal Method

SUGARING 101: The Organic Hair Removal Method

At SUGARED, we SUGAR! But what does that mean exactly? Sugaring is an organic form of hair removal. Sugar paste is an all natural component that attaches more to hair on the body and less to the skin. Sugaring offers many benefits, making it the right choice for hair removal!

What is organic hair removal?

Sugaring hair removal uses sugar paste, and the paste is made from three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water! That’s IT! Unlike traditional wax that contains chemicals and plastics,these three organic ingredients are all that make up sugar paste!

Organic ingredients make sugar the better choice for not only your hair removal, but it’s also better for the environment!

How is it better for the environment?

We live in Tahoe, so we all know just how important our environment is! Since sugar paste consists of three simple ingredients, it is 100% natural, biodegradable, and it’s water soluble!

These organic ingredients make sugar paste is good for our hair removal + good for our mother Earth!

So…is it painful?

Sugar paste ONLY sticks to the hair and dead skin cells, which makes the process less painful overall.

Unlike wax which applies hot, sugar paste applies at body temperature, which doesn’t create increased sensitivity on the surface of the skin.

If your sugaring appointment does bring some discomfort, rest assured that the pain will lessen overtime! If you are anxious about your appointment, we advise you to take some ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to your visit.

How long should my hair be?

Hair length is important with any hair removal method. With sugar paste, hair can be removed with as little as 1/16″ in length on the body, when waxing your hair must be 1/4″ in length or longer.

Because hair removal can happen at such a short length, this makes your fresh sugaring last longer!

Even though hair removal can happen at a shorter length with sugaring, if you have never been sugared before we do ask that you come in with a little bit longer than normal hair, normally 2 weeks post-shave is ideal!

This is because it give us some more hair to grab on to, then as you return for your future appointments your hair will grow in finer + be used to the sugaring process!

Does it last longer?

When comparing sugaring vs. waxing, hair is removed in the same direction as hair grows, not against the grain like waxing.

This allows the sugar paste to remove the entire hair follicle, whereas waxing breaks off the hair growth.

With traditional waxing, the hair is manipulated to grow against the hair follicle, because it is removed against the grain of hair growth. With sugaring, because the hair is removed with the natural direction of hair growth, you are less prone to ingrown hairs!

Over time, your hair will begin to grow in finer and slower, making your smooth skin last longer! Normally we advise to wait 3-4 weeks between appointments before coming back in to get sugared.

Post Sugar Care

There are some tips + tricks to care for your skin after your sugaring appointment!

Exfoliating where sugared is essential after your appointment! The first reason why exfoliation is important is that it will allow your skin to breathe and it alsopromotes circulation. Exfoliation will also free your skin of any excess buildup that could potentially lead to ingrown hairs.

We also reccomend avoiding swimming and hot tubs for 24-48 hours after a sugaring appointment. Your hair follicles will still be open after your appointment, and you don’t want to introduce any new bacteria into your skin!

With all these benefits, it goes without saying that sugaring is the BEST form of hair removal! If you’re looking for an organic alternative to traditional waxing, SUGARING is the BEST option! Sugar paste is natural and it leaves your skin looking and feeling natural after your appointment!

Call, text, or book online with us to make your next SUGARING appointment at SUGARED!

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